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Our Organisation

The Sureserve Foundation was set-up in March 2019 with the purpose and objective of creating warmer communities through the alleviation of fuel poverty; by supporting individuals, families and communities to achieve fuel efficiency and in turn, lessening the financial burden of high energy bills. 


Understanding that too many households across the UK face challenges to their everyday well-being, unjustly and unfairly as a result of fuel poverty and energy inefficiency, the Foundation seeks to support in two key ways:


  • through the provision of educational and advice services to combat fuel poverty and inefficient energy use; and

  • through the delivery of projects in collaboration with industry partners, to provide energy efficient home and community improvements to combat fuel inefficiency and thus poverty.

Our Mission

To create warmer communities.

Our Vision

To create a society in which individuals, families and communities across the UK are safe, warm, and sustainable and live without the burden of energy inefficiency and fuel poverty.

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